Michaela Hrabánková & Gabriel Bianco

Michaela Hrabánková & Gabriel Bianco

Both artists in this duo have accumulated a wealth of musical experience from their concert performances worldwide. For this chamber music project they chose what at first sight appears to be an unusual combination of instruments: oboe and guitar.

Czech oboist Michaela Hrabánková and French guitarist Gabriel Bianco created their duo in 2013. Since then they have performed on a number of international concert platforms in France (e.g. at the Paris Oboe Festival) and at the Festival of Young Talents (Nuevo Generation Cluj Napoca) in Romania.Inspired by the interest in this unknown repertoire, they decided to record it on a CD called „Divertissements“, which was released in April 2017 by Ad Vitam Records (distributed by Harmonia Mundi).

Their future projects in 2018 include a recital at the Guitar Festival in Thessaloniki (Greece) and a world premiere of a work by Denise Ramos at the Paris Oboe Festival.

Programme "Concert de Salon"

Michaela Hrabánková and Gabriel Bianco are presenting a programme in the spirit of 19th century salon music. This kind of reperoire is relatively unknown, especially because of the rather unusual combination of oboe and guitar. The music offers the listener various genres and esthetics during an imaginery tour of the salons of Paris, Venice, Florence, Vienna and Budapest.